What else can you find in your house?

Living room

Where do you feel better? City, countryside, seaside or mountain? 


Personally I lived for a while in each of that environments. And where I preferred most? Well I have to stay in the city, because I find that there is more to do. Obviously I love the seaside and the mountain as well but you know if you don’t know what to do, living in city will never bored you.


What does this exactly has to do with living room? Well in a sense we can link the two together, in fact there is a difference when we are sitting in the sofa and we look out of the window and we see a series of buildings, or the sea, the trees with the lawn or the mountain.  



City living room


Country living room


Seaside Living room



You see how the three pictures can give a different sensation, both because we feel like we are in a different place and also because more often the decoration of the house tends to have a glance of the setting place. 


The living room is very important because is the first place that a guest sees when he’s invited in fact in some cases people needs to have a proper delegation living room as I had in London because when diplomats where invited the living room and as well the dining room were the rooms in which they spent their time. Obviously not every living room needs to be a delegation one, in fact living room are the one where normally are lived by the family,  in the sense that is the place in which during the evening families watch a movie or play a game or just talk and spend some time together.



However I can talk for me and I guess for other students that the living room in most students’ house either is absent or either is transformed to another bedroom so actually there isn’t a proper place where to chill out and just have a chat with friends. This is one of the thing that I miss since I live by myself and other friends and I’m sure that also other students miss, because for me is very important to have a room where to relax and chat that isn’t the kitchen or the bedroom.






Bedrooms are what people are. I guess that this can be said. If we think about it will you ever sleep in a room in which you don’t fell comfortable? I won’t.

Many times I’ve been invited to sleep over to a friend house and many times I didn’t sleep well because I didn’t fit in that particular room. The Bedroom is a very important place for every single person so I guess that the most representative room in a house is the bedroom because we can really say that it could represent the personality of the person that lives in.



Is it or it isn’t the same bedroom?

This is just an example of how the same bedroom can be decorating in different ways and represent what the person is.


Obviously bedrooms are not just only beds but also objects, as chairs, wardrobes, mirrors, curtains, bedside tables, laps, carpets and especially for younger people we can add posters, toys etc..



Very important is to mention the fact that there is a whole culture of sleeping. In fact today people that usually tend to be workaholic needs room with all the complete furniture that can guarantee the right sleep. For example in the last 10 year the industries of mattress invented all the possible type of mattress in order to be hand in hand with the needs that people have.


We can distinguish different type of mattresses, in particular:

·      Wool mattress

·      Latex mattress

·      Water mattress

·      Spring mattress

·      Foam mattress

·      Straw mattress

·      Feather mattress





So as you can see is amazing how many type we’ve got, I was personally impress about it because I never thought about it.


 This is just the mattress, what about the pillow? Can we imagine how many type and especially how many sizes and shape have we got? Well besides the normal one we have pillows that people can bring for example in a airplane or in a train so during the trip they can sleep and relaxing.



Colored pillows 


The property of them is that they are small and easily changeable so if we squeeze them they will not break.


Another category of pillows is the one below, in fact as you can see characters are also relevant for some people that maybe are obsess with something.




Sushi pillows


Above I included Sushi pillows because is incredible how they invented them, maybe the new trend of sushi and in general Japanese restaurants have infected every type of market.



The idea in this page is to have an overview of what are the new western ideas concerning houses.

I’ll start from bathrooms because is incredible that before post-war period there were no rooms designed for bathroom and nowadays it’s one of the most important part of the house.


In fact, it has become one of the most interesting part of the house this because you can concentrate different functional aspects. For example it can be a relaxing room and a place where to take care of the body that especially in those days has become an obsession for people, in fact today, they have more the tendency to have inside the bathroom elements like sauna and Turkish bath.

Baths and showers are the protagonists of the bathroom, while showers are more and more similar to waterfalls, baths are free from the usual rectangular shape for a more unusual and sculptural form.


Circular bath

In the picture below we can see how essential and refined is the room. With his simplicity, is capable to adapt in every type of environment.



Modern Bathroon



Showers are equipped of lights, music, water that can be atomized, water massage, and other more functional and technological functions that instead of going in some fitness center, we can find inside our home.



Waterfall shower



As you have seen from this picture, today ideas of bathroom has a little bit changed from the past, in fact if once the toilette was consider the only space of the house in which details were almost irrelevant, today is not anymore like that. This because people are more accurate about the world in which they live in. They want to be hand in hand with what goes around them. Hence is important to have a space in the house in which they can relax and dedicate time for take care of the body with all the treatment that it needs.





Box rooms are easily identifiably as the smallest room in a house. The fact that the room are so small limit the use so this is why they are mostly used as a storage room where to put boxes trunk and everything that a person don’t need in the other rooms. 


Some times these box room are not only used as storage room but also they can be transformed in some sort of creative room such as music room or painting room. In fact how many times have we heard about some musician that start to cultivate his passion in a small and dark room of his house?


If we think about it, box room are the only rooms in the house where we can actually do whatever we want, I mean they don’t need to be perfect and settled, they can just be used as room where to put ideas, thoughts and in some way keep our secrets because no one would never go in there.



Below I reported pictures about an old box room, that belong to Mr. Francesco Bossari, that became a proper music room where he can now create and cultivate his passion. 



First of all was just a simple room with anything but old books and boxes, as you can see Fracesco put on the wall a material called: “fonoassorbente”  that prevent music to be heard from other rooms.


Here we see the development of the work that he had done. In fact we can see how he put all the staff together trying to arrange in a possible way the space in the box room.  



In the picture above you can see a panorama of the whole room. This is the final result, what do you think? Is it worth it to transform an ugly room to something that we really want to?







Crystal Light


How do you feel when entering in a house with a good light? Did you ever stop for a second and thought about the importance of light?


Light is the instrument that allows us to recognize thing. It allow us to be aware of where we are and hence remember things and persons. 

The structure of light more precisely artificial light, allow to improve the quality of a space, of a room in relation of the characteristic of an environment. Especially light satisfy the feelings of a person that make use of it.

So we can say that is an important element within a house because it can make a room look even better than it is.




Different room of the house needs a different type of lightning.


In the dining room, the table needs to have a good illumination in order to give at the room a welcome and charming atmosphere. Usually a good high from the table is bout 1 meter and 20.


In the living room is good to have lamps near the sofa with maybe an adjustable light so is not too strong. Also is good to have candles and especially in those days, candles are making a good business because are more and more request by people as they make to the house a homely atmosphere.


In the kitchen light needs to be quite strong downward especially where we cook because is necessary to the preparation of the food.


In the bathroom, usually is advisable an intensive but not very strong light and a second light, stronger than the first one, in the wall where the mirror is. So faces, especially for women, can be lightened better when the need to put make up on.


Finally in the bedroom, we find both lamps in the ceiling and in the bedside table where who loves reading before sleeping can enjoy that moment. Also here the light doesn’t need to be very strong otherwise we won’t have a good wake up.













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