Map Planning

I guess that a little map could be useful to understand at least the organization of my blog. It maybe won’t follow the actual structure that I’m given but it will be a good “skeleton structure” where to fill my ideas and inspiration.


First of all I would start to presenting myself: I’m Nicoletta Farina, I’m 20 years old and I’m Italian. I was born in Asolo (TV) but due to my father’s job I’m always been traveling from one place to another every 2 or 3 years and I also been to foreign country as England for a couple of years. Since I moved so often I had the possibility to have a different look of the world around me knowing better different countries especially when I was in London. In fact London is famous to have a variety of people living from all over the world and this helped me to appreciate people that have different cultures.


Going back to the blog my ideas is to focus in one room of the house, in particular I will focus my attention to the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Well I could answer the question just saying to you that while I’m writing I’m in front of a warm cup of tea. In particularly, I will concentrate to the innovating furniture that we find today. Also I will dedicate a little page about the other rooms we find in the house a part from the kitchen. 


So basically we’ve got a page dedicate to kitchen, another to the other room of the house and all the posts will concentrate to the new innovation that we find in the kitchens considering also the style of the new kitchens and then a post that will regard some curiosity of the new technology that could be found either in kitchen or other room in the house.


Hope you will enjoy it!

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