To start with, kitchen means a whole tradition connect to cooking, more in general the preparation of food and drinks. Today kitchen are not as they used to be. In fact, kitchen are furnished with all different tools that one may need. This however has to do with the culture that we are in, in fact as the oriental people, specifically, Japanese and Chinese, don’t eat with fork and knife, in Europe we do not use chopstick, in fact when we finish to cook the food we usually don’t chop it before serving it because we’ve got the knife. This is  influenced also by the ingredient that a country has.  

Structure of the kitchen

The kitchen is a very interesting part of the house for many reasons. Depending on the taste of people we can have huge kitchens, normal once and also invisible once. Moreover depending if we live in the countryside or in the city we don’t have so many choices, in fact, most of the time the kitchens are more spacious in houses that are situated in the countryside  compared to the one in the city that in order to save space for the rest of the house we’ve got what in Italian is called “angolo cottura”, that in English we can translate as kitchenette. 



Above you can see a typical kitchenette that is so small because it needs to occupy less space possible, due to the measures of the flat.


Country House Kitchen

Above instead we have a typical countryside kitchen in which there is no problem concerning the space. 

Already in this picture you can actually see that this is a modern kitchen, considering the old one that we find for example in our grandparents house. However this is not one of the last modernize kitchen that are on sale. In fact we’ve got more innovative kitchen where steel is the most important material.

 Here we’ve got different opinions about having a warm and welcome kitchen or a just a modern one that even if it is just made of steel, at least is easy to clean and very organized.


Modern Kitchenette



Modern Kitchen


Above there is both a picture of a very modern kitchenette and a normal one but still very modern.

Personally I prefer the typical kitchen in wood with marble on top because I fell more at home. But as a mentioned previously this is just my taste and people have different taste this is why industries are always searching the needs of people so they can produce what people are going to buy.


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