1 02 2009


For people who are so addicted to coffee there is this amazing tool that pops out coffee on the go. In fact wherever you are or whatever you are doing, handpresso will satisfies your need of coffee with just a simple gesture. 

So now coffee can be joined with your friends outdoor as well as indoor with the same quality and taste as the one you make at home.

But how does it work? is very simple, just pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and an E.S.E. pod. Then, serve a premium quality coffee in your cup by pushing the button.

However the handpresso machines only work with E.S.E. pods, not with other and also you need to have hot water with you otherwise the hanspresso won’t work.


setoutdoor   Handpresso accessory

This stylish bag contains the very essence of the traveling espresso: the small, portable and manual espresso machine called Handpresso WILD, unbreakable cups,
 300ml thermo-insulated flask in stainless steel.





Needs of fresh fruits and vegetables

31 01 2009


The AeroGarden is the world’s first indoor smart garden.

It’s really simple to use that anyone who doesn’t have a background of gardening experience can grow lush, beautiful gardens right in your home!

In fact the computerized AeroGarden tells you when to add water and nutrients. The built-in micro-processor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery and water flow and turns grow lights on and off to simulate the sun.

Hence now there is no need to worry about when is the right time to watering or when the plants should be under the sun because the AeroGarden will think and everything.



The Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Preserver: “This container automatically creates a vacuum when you close its lid, providing oxygen-free food storage that preserves the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of food by up to three weeks. By removing all of the oxygen, the container inhibits microorganism growth and slows the oxidation of fruits, vegetables, bread, and pastries to a fraction of its natural pace. The device automatically maintains 16mbar (the optimal pressure for preserving foodstuffs) and reduces air moisture that can encourage mold growth. The lid opens by lifting the latch, providing easy access to food, and the unit automatically reseals once the lid is closed. The container is large enough to hold up to 16 apples has a dial on top of the lid that allows you to mark the date food was first stored”.


Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Preserver


 Stop crying over chopped onions! These innovative Onion Goggles provide tear-free chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing. The innovative design of these useful kitchen gadgets contain a comfortable foam seal that protects your eyes from irritating onion vapors. The anti-fog lenses offer maximum clarity and eye protection.


Onion Goggles

Energy from ideas

28 01 2009

The key point is here is the energy that is one of the most emerging themes in those days. This was an exposition that took place in Venice Rome and Hong Kong dedicated to the new kitchen technology. This exposition was called “Energy from idea”. 


The project above won the Dyson Design Award in 2007. Is a kitchen place developed in order to create the maximum results with the minimum waste of energy. This thanks to the special containers that goes inside the depressions.

The cue points were very interesting because the major issue here was to dedicate a whole sector to innovative solutions for the production of heating and system kitchen always maintaining colors and cheerfulness. Particular attention was dedicated to the renewable energy by considering them as an opportunity instead of limits. 



1 12 2008

Are you familiar with Bimby?  Or at least have you ever heard about a little robot that cooks everything in just a beaker? Well if not I will explain to you a little bit about it because I’ve got one in my house for about 4 or 5 years, well my mum does and without it I guess she won’t be happy anymore in the kitchen.


So Bimby is a robot that is able to do every type of recipes, it can make cakes, pasta, pizza, ice cream it also mince, whip up, knead and more on. The name is interesting don’t you think? In fact it’s called Bimby because was born as a little robot for little babies in order to make homogenizes, fruits cream etc.


Then after a while people actually recognize the potentiality of this robot and began to write several books with innumerable recipes. In fact when you buy Bimby they also give you three books with different recipes in order first of all to learn how to use it and then to satisfy your whims with all the hardest recipes that you never thought you could cook. In fact I can say that the most difficult thing is find the ingredients, obviously I’m ironic, in fact once you put the right ingredients that a recipe needs in the beaker and press the buttons with the right rate of velocity you can have a rest, read a magazine or take a cup of tea. Then when Bimby finished to do his work, depending on the type of recipe that you have chosen you put the knead in the oven or in the fridge, if it is ice cream in the freezer and if you chose to have pasta you just eat because Bimby it also make warm dishes. Moreover it not only makes food but also drinks, cocktails and additionally it also cooks steam food. In fact the main intend is that in a frenetic life like this people need to eat genuine and healthy, so instead of ready cooked food or junk food is better to have a healthy meal in a short time.


Bimby is also very useful for people who really cannot cook, because as I mentioned before the only difficulty is to put the right ingredients inside the beaker that anyway is not that hard!


Below you can see a presentation taken from youtube about Bimby that makes carrot cake.




What’s new in your kitchen?

15 11 2008


Kitchen is becoming one of the most important part of the house where the technology plays the central rule, in fact all the kitchen tools and all the furniture, have an important field where to play because the tradition of a good meal it will never end. But in order to cook a good meal we need a new set of tools and thanks to the new technologies, that everyday give us these tools, we are now able to express with  easiness and precision ourselves.




This minikitchen has the same functionality and practicality of every type of kitchen. Is a cylinder block power feed, an inside the wood it has a mini fridge, a dishware, kitchen utensils for six persons, kitchen household appliances, a cooking area in ceramics glass and finally several drawers. This minikitchen is a project made by Corian da Boffi.



Frutteria Scolatoio

This object has two uses: one is for fruit basket and the other is to strain the pasta once is cooked. In fact as for the fruit basket, you don’t need to take each fruit and wash them under the water, but you bring the basket you wash all the fruits directly under the water and then you take the basket from the two handles and you bring it into the table. This object has been designed by Achille Castiglioni and from the one who are curious he won the Conseil National des Arts Culinaires de Paris price.  


Citrus fruit press

The most interesting thing of this object is obviously its design; in fact it looks like a space shuttle doesn’t it? Thanks to this design, it makes it the protagonist of the kitchen and another interesting thing is that is very light, in fact its weight is about two kilos.

Each part of this citrus fruit , can be jointed so it’s not difficult to clean and also is very easy to use because once you put the fruit in the top part, with a continuous fluid it will put the juice in your glass. 



Glowing Cutlery

You will wonder what exactly do we use these cutlery? Well I also asked myself because obviously it won’t be so nice used them during a proper formal dinner with important people or during Christmas lunch with all the family. But anyway it s a good invention for parties or for bars that as most of them are not very luminous this could actually help people to find their own fork or knife in case they don’t find it