Aluminium: the great conductor

20 01 2009

Based to a research made by Ballarini company we can appreciate how important is the role of aluminium. 


Heat Conduction:

Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor. It’s three times better than cast iron, iron and nine times more than steel. Hence the aluminum can reach high temperature with less time compared to the others.




Heat radiating:

 Thanks to its conduction, the aluminium saucepan distributes heat equally. This is good for a homogeneous cooking of food no matter the shape and the position in which they are.


Energy saving:

For this same reason the no stick sauce aluminium saucepan is energy saving. This is due to the fact that the heat spread in a homogeneous way all around the saucepan with less time.


Performance and duration:

Always with the same characteristics of homogenous diffusion of heat, the aluminium avoids exposure at high temperature and this is good because the materials in which the saucepan is made won’t be ruined. 

Lightness and resistance

 The weight of aluminium is really low and this is connect to a high resistance that is equal to material that is more heavy and more expensive.