1 02 2009


For people who are so addicted to coffee there is this amazing tool that pops out coffee on the go. In fact wherever you are or whatever you are doing, handpresso will satisfies your need of coffee with just a simple gesture. 

So now coffee can be joined with your friends outdoor as well as indoor with the same quality and taste as the one you make at home.

But how does it work? is very simple, just pump the machine to 16 bar, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and an E.S.E. pod. Then, serve a premium quality coffee in your cup by pushing the button.

However the handpresso machines only work with E.S.E. pods, not with other and also you need to have hot water with you otherwise the hanspresso won’t work.


setoutdoor   Handpresso accessory

This stylish bag contains the very essence of the traveling espresso: the small, portable and manual espresso machine called Handpresso WILD, unbreakable cups,
 300ml thermo-insulated flask in stainless steel.