Uselful helps in the Kitchen!

30 01 2009

Salt and pepper in the right place: how many times did we ask ourselves if we putted the right dose of salt and pepper because we didn’t see? This really useful accessorizes can help us because it illuminates the right direction while we milled salt, pepper or other spices.


lighted-mill_120x153shkl   Salted mill

Teatoaster: Why do we have to waste energy and space when we can do two things in one time using the same gadget? This tools uses the necessary heating needed for the toaster to heat the tea or the milk thanks to a cavity that surround the tools. So from now one the “clack” of the ready toaster will indicate also that our tea is ready. Hence once we took off the bread from the toaster we just pour the drink into the cup and the breakfast is ready!




The future kettle: what happens if we use a modern object with an old one like a mobile phone and a kettle? So imagine that when you finish work and you’re ready to go home and outside is freezing the only thing you wish is a cup of hot tea, well you can actually get it ready when you go home. How? Well the only thing you have to do is to send a text to your kettle and that’s it. Funny eh? So once the kettle have received the text, in just few minutes will make the water boil. So in every situation in which you feel really lazy, for example if you are laying in the couch, with just a text you’ve got your cup of hot tea! 



The future Kettle



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