Cona coffee maker

29 01 2009

The Cona coffee maker is not a very innovative instrument for the kitchen because of   its old story but anyway I thought was good to included in my blog because of its shape and strange way to make coffee. 

The “Cona” method of coffee making has been world famous for more than a half century.  These unique and beautiful brewing devices perform wonderful results when properly done.  Manufactured in England and available in different finishes, these ultimate coffee brewers denote quality with remarkable results.  Its main feature is that the coffee is prepared entirely in glass where coffee has no contact with metal parts, or paper filters that would otherwise taint the full coffee flavor- giving you only a clean smooth taste.Because Cona uses the vacuum method of brewing , the coffee is automatically infused at the correct temperature, thus insuring the perfect extractions of oils and caffeine which give coffee its full taste.  This method insures no bitter taste from over-extraction.


Instructions for Using the Yama Coffee Siphons:

 – Drop the washable, reusable cloth covered filter into the funnel (glass 

infusion chamber) with the chain hanging down into the glass tube.

 – Pull the chain down until you can hook it to the bottom of the siphon tube. 

 -Stand the funnel onto its holder. Add one heaping measure of ground 

coffee per “cup”. 

 -Fill the bottom carafe with fresh, cool water up to the maximum capacity 

mark (5 or 8 “cup”). 

 -Place the funnel onto the bottom carafe and gently twist to fit the rubber 

stopper and tube into the opening. 

 -Place on stove, low to medium heat. 

-As the water boils, it will be siphoned to the top funnel chamber, where it 

will infuse with the coffee grounds. 

 -You may now stir the mixture a bit. 

 -It is normal for a little water to remain in the bottom carafe. 

 -Let brew about 60 seconds, then remove the coffeemaker from the heat 


 -The coffee will then filter back down into the carafe, leaving the grounds at 

the top. 

 -Gently rock the funnel back and forth to loosen it from the carafe, lift off and 

stand it onto its holder. 

 Pour and enjoy the coffee! 

This instructions were taken by this site:




Cona coffee



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