23 01 2009

Alberto Alessi, the head of Alessi Company, when talking about Alessi history he says that the brand is how we see it today. He mentioned about Carlo Alessi, his dad, that with his skills of industrial designer, created almost all the objects published from 1935 to 1945. The difference in this company comparing to Bugatti is that even if the products are being realized with the help of the machines, the aim of them is always to keep holding on craftsmanship. In fact craftsmanship has always been the aim of the company. Their focus is on the industry as the sense of the research on the arts and tradition.

Some of their products:



Sapper, a german designer, has designed this grater. He created one of the most innovative objects for Alessi and he has been inspired by the everyday job he has in his family that is grate the cheese. Todo, the name of this particular grater, allow, thank to his long body, to have a great quantity of cheese in less time compared to the usual ones. Also is an amazing objects to show and have inside the kitchen or even in the table due to his great shape.






Steel Kettle with bird whistle, in fact when the water boil, the bird whistle. This product was a great success in 1985 when it first came out. For Alessi this represents the point of great design and production in large scale. This product was specificallt made by Micheal Graves applying his taste fir art Deco to Pop art obtaining at the and Cartoons language.




                                                           Steel Kettle with bird whistle


This pressure cooker has valve with double pressure.  Stefano Giovannoni designed this cooker. He created this sophisticate product technological evolved and aesthetically beautiful.






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