Macef: Ballarini

17 01 2009

One of the companies that were at Macef was Ballarini.

Ballarini is a very important brand when we talk about kitchen tools non-stick.

The aim is the strong relation with the Italian culture and also international, and moreover the technological innovation and creation of the product.

Brand communication is the latest project of Ballarini and the aim is to strengthen the interpretation of the kitchen as a sign of quality. 

 This is the reason why Ballarini is convinced that is necessary to invest in research in order to improve the quality of a product. There are two main aspect: environment and technical.

Especially today that the market is so focusing at health and well being. For example the consumer is progressively orientating towards biological products. 

To this new demand, the collection Bio was born. Ballarini realized this kitchen tools with new method of working and a high level of security both for man and environment.  



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