Cookie cutters

16 12 2008


Wouldn’t be great to be able to make such perfect cookies? As I love cakes and sweets in general, I make cakes and also cookies. However the difficult part of it is that when you put the dough inside the cutters usually well almost every time half of the dough was stuck on the cutters so at the end I never got to make perfect cookies as I always wished. The picture above shows Christmas cookies while the one below shows animals cookies that children will definitely appreciate.


img54m1         Animals cookies



img34mWhere is the trick? Well if you observe these other two pictures you will see that there is a little knob and what you need to do is just press the Christmas or animal-shaped cutter into the dough, then push down and the stamps will be released perfectly without any imperfection. 




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Animal-shaped cutter

So you can imagine how happy could be children or even your Christmas tree that doesn’t need anymore the same marble but something innovative that maybe during Christmas day you can even eat.  


Christmas-shaped cutter

Christmas time has come!

14 12 2008


Igloo cake pan

Christmas every year has becoming one of the biggest event that grown larger and larger as the years goes by. In fact once it hadn’t got all the decorations that we have today. Relating this to kitchen we didn’t have all the tools that could help as to create the perfect decoration in our food.

Wouldn’t be fantastic to have as a dessert or centerpiece of the table a decoration like this? Today with the new tools that are part of 



our kitchen, it’s possible. We’ve got this aluminum igloo pan that give the perfect shape at the final piece. Furthermore as the other picture shows, there are further decoration for the trees that are made of sugar and candies. All these are useful tools first of all to make the final work look perfect and secondly not to waste time or being disappointed if something doesn’t look as we wished for.


Below also we’ve got another example of a very funny teddy bear made out of “cake pan bakes a three-dimensional bear cake in two halves that can be joined and decorated with icing.” 




Pans’ shapes

9 12 2008


Nowadays design has been so innovative that also changed the way we cook today, in fact as we can see from these images we can cook eggs with gun shapes or perfect oval pancakes. 


The pan with gun shapes is either for the ones who have a special obsession with guns or for children that maybe are more tempted to eat if they see these shapes. The pancake pan is used especially in Denmark because their pancakes are really famous.







In fact you can cook perfect shape pancake and feel them with the ingredient that you prefer, for example you can put jam, chocolate, strawberry, even cheese.

Hot Chocolate Pot

6 12 2008


Chocolate milk, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with orange flavor, chocolate with mint, strawberries, with nuts and raisins, there are so many types of chocolate that it’s impossible to decide which is my favorite one. On the other hand, now that winter is coming I prefer having a nice cup of hot and dense chocolate. I really could drink every hour hot chocolate, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. So I found this fantastic hot chocolate pot that is made especially for the chocoholic people. This pot guarantee a nice cup of hot chocolate and who wants can add milk as well, in fact an automatic frothed whips chocolate and milk into a creamy and delicate chocolate drink that not many people could refused. This pot can be heat in the microwave, in fact we don’t need to put the hot chocolate inside, we just put inside milk with the chocolate that we wish, then we close it and put it into the microwave. Furthermore this type of pot is heat resistant and prevents the hot chocolate to get cold immediately.

Fruits and vegetables tools

4 12 2008



 Olive & Cherry Pitter

Do you love eating cherry and olive but at the same time do you hate when you have to take off the stone? Well is not a problem anymore in fact with this new tools “olive and cherry pitter”, with just a movement you’ve got your cherry or olive pitted and compact, ready to eat. 






   Professional Multi-Chopper

Do you feel like take your old chopping board, the usual knife and the lovely onion that promptly is ready to make you cry, and by the time you touch your eyes you forgot that with the same hand you’ve touched the onion so you start to weep more and more? I don’t think so, so why not have a look at this tool? In fact it is not only for onion but also for other vegetables or fruits. The aim of it, is to chop, slice, dicing coring fruits and vegetables without put yourself in trouble with knives or cry like a baby due to onion effects!


  Rolling Herb Mincer 

Do you remember the old “mezza luna” that our mum used to utilize when cutting parsley, coriander, basil, or sage? In reality I also got one in my house but I think that the one up here is ten times faster because has not one but four stainless-steel blades that with the back and forth motion are going to chop in a thousand of small pieces the herbs. So I guess that having one in the house it would be useful in term of saving time. 



Apple Peeler-Corer

I know that it’s not the new fashionable design tools for cutting apples or potatoes but how useful is it? I guess that there is nothing better and simple to take off apples and potatoes peels that this peeler-corer. Furthermore it also prevent to eventual incidents that may occur with using knifes because here you only need to turn around the handle and that’s it. 







Avocado Pitter/Slicer

Not many people love avocado, so this will be interesting for the ones who die for it. How many times did you try to cut the avocado in equals’ parts in order to prepare a nice dinner for you guests and how many time the avocado slipped from your hand because was too oily? It happened to me many times and in my opinion this tools is genial because first of all it will take three seconds to cut the avocado in slices and the more important the slices will be all equals so in won’t look odd when presenting them in a plate maybe accompanied with prawn cocktail. 


1 12 2008

Are you familiar with Bimby?  Or at least have you ever heard about a little robot that cooks everything in just a beaker? Well if not I will explain to you a little bit about it because I’ve got one in my house for about 4 or 5 years, well my mum does and without it I guess she won’t be happy anymore in the kitchen.


So Bimby is a robot that is able to do every type of recipes, it can make cakes, pasta, pizza, ice cream it also mince, whip up, knead and more on. The name is interesting don’t you think? In fact it’s called Bimby because was born as a little robot for little babies in order to make homogenizes, fruits cream etc.


Then after a while people actually recognize the potentiality of this robot and began to write several books with innumerable recipes. In fact when you buy Bimby they also give you three books with different recipes in order first of all to learn how to use it and then to satisfy your whims with all the hardest recipes that you never thought you could cook. In fact I can say that the most difficult thing is find the ingredients, obviously I’m ironic, in fact once you put the right ingredients that a recipe needs in the beaker and press the buttons with the right rate of velocity you can have a rest, read a magazine or take a cup of tea. Then when Bimby finished to do his work, depending on the type of recipe that you have chosen you put the knead in the oven or in the fridge, if it is ice cream in the freezer and if you chose to have pasta you just eat because Bimby it also make warm dishes. Moreover it not only makes food but also drinks, cocktails and additionally it also cooks steam food. In fact the main intend is that in a frenetic life like this people need to eat genuine and healthy, so instead of ready cooked food or junk food is better to have a healthy meal in a short time.


Bimby is also very useful for people who really cannot cook, because as I mentioned before the only difficulty is to put the right ingredients inside the beaker that anyway is not that hard!


Below you can see a presentation taken from youtube about Bimby that makes carrot cake.